ALL Gifts

1 x Steak

Feeling hungry? 🧀 Sit back, relax, and claim this yummy delicacy:

40 x Berries

What do you call a mildly laughing berry? Chuckleberry.

2 x Grilled Fish

Let's have some Fish!

30 x Iron Ore

Do you even lift? Take this iron and pump it!

45 x Herbs

Green is the new black!

1000 x Coins

Gold never gets old!

2 x Meeples

Have you already saved the man trapped within the Junglanji world?

4H x Speed potion

Luckily, there's no speed limit in Diggy's Adventure!

5 x Gems

Gems time!

10 x Bronze

Let's see if you can utilize all this bronze!

2000 x Coins

How about some coins, diggers?

40 x Lumber

Time to drive this lumber-gini!